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The 2022 NFL Scouting combine, officially in the books, did not go without logistical issues after the event was canceled entirely due to COVID-19. The week concluded with a nostalgic sense in Indianapolis when veterans of the combine were wondering if this was the last time the event was hosted within Indiana's Circle City.


NFL Draft 2022 Live Stream


There was plenty to NFL players to chew over in light of what transpired at the Lucas Oil Stadium field. We watched a variety of exercises and talked to various NFL evaluators for their comments about which players benefited themselves and which require work before the pro-day season.


Willis improved from his great Senior Bowl week with his performance in throwing drills Thursday evening. Most oohs and aahs were heard when Willis quickly threw 40 or 50 feet long balls in the field.


How much capital is required to be included in this? It's debatable. The athlete wasn't perfect in his speed underneath and didn't do the 40-yard race.


In the end, Willis is the buzz player at QB this season. If any team has thought of a similar trade to Trey Lance, then this is the guy for who they'd make the trade. Willis isn't perfect, but it's difficult not to be excited by the ease of his pop and speed when he throws.


The behind-the-scenes accounts are also excellent. Willis was recognized for his natural leadership in drills and performed very well in team interviews.


We were hoping Ridder to be a good test, and he did not disappoint by scoring the 4.49-second 40 in a vertical of 36 inches and a 10-foot-7 broad jump, all an indication of a top-of-the-line athlete. Ridder's athletic form is considered exceptional for a quarterback, and his 6-3 211, 211, pound Ridder also holds his own when comparing his stats against wide receivers.


The San Francisco 49ers and reigning champion Los Angeles Rams tied as the teams with the highest compensation picks, receiving five each. Following them, the Los Angeles Chargers was one away from the top spot with four. The 39 compensatory picks consist of seven choices given at the close three rounds to clubs who have had a minority member appointed as general manager or head coach by a different club. These unique selections were made in the form of amending the 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement to increase opportunities for equal employment for all NFL teams.


As per the league rules rule, a team that loses more or more compensation-free agents than it has during the previous year can be eligible for compensation draft picks. The compensatory picks will be positioned between Round 3 and Round 7 according to the amount of compensated free agents lost. The formula used to determine compensation-free agents relies on salaries or playing time and postseason honors.


This is the complete list of compensatory picks that were awarded to teams in advance of the 2022 NFL Draft (unique compensatory picks marked with the asterisk):


Round 3


97) Detroit Lions

98) New Orleans Saints

99) Cleveland Browns*

100) Baltimore Ravens*

101) New Orleans Saints*

102) San Francisco 49ers*

103) Kansas City Chiefs*

104) Los Angeles Rams*

105) San Francisco 49ers*


Round 4


138) Pittsburgh Steelers

139) Baltimore Ravens

140) Green Bay Packers

141) Baltimore Ravens

142) Los Angeles Rams

143) Tennessee Titans


Round 5


176) Dallas Cowboys

177) Detroit Lions

178) Dallas Cowboys

179) Indianapolis Colts


Round 6


211) Los Angeles Rams

212) Los Angeles Rams

213) Atlanta Falcons

214) Los Angeles Chargers

215) Arizona Cardinals

216) Indianapolis Colts

217) Detroit Lions

218) Los Angeles Rams

219) Tennessee Titans

220) San Francisco 49ers

221) San Francisco 49ers


Round 7


254) Los Angeles Chargers

255) Los Angeles Chargers

256) Arizona Cardinals

257) Arizona Cardinals

258) Green Bay Packers

259) Kansas City Chiefs

260) Los Angeles Chargers

261) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

262) San Francisco 49ers